August 2020

I’ve always enjoyed drawing and have a keen eye for color and shape. In my first career as a Medical Technologist, I excelled at finding the ‘art within the science’ of laboratory medicine and quickly became a specialist in hematology, able to recognize the subtle and diagnostic shape, color and granulation differences of stained blood cells under the microscope.  Now, I dedicate my careful observation skills to creating watercolor paintings.

As a watercolorist, I try to take advantage of the spontaneous flow and translucency of the watercolor paint. Results can be quite unexpected!  I am a partner with the paint and together we hope to produce paintings that welcome the viewer in and invite them to linger a few moments.  

My goal is for my work to evoke an emotional response, as my painting, 'A Welcome Sight' did.  See above YouTube interview!  This painting is now owned by the power company.

Please contact me with your comments and any purchase inquiries.  Archival fine art prints are available for several paintings. 

Lori Ritz McQueeney